Building HOPE is our funding campaign for the construction of the absolutely critical multi-use building in Colonia Tarahumara. After many years of prayer, God answered in an incredible way and provided a great lot bordering the colonia. We’ve raised approximately $80,000, and still need approximately $220,000 to complete the construction. This building is key to ministering to Tarahumaras on three fronts:

First, although LightShine began in Colonia Tarahumara more than eleven years ago, we’ve never had permanent facilities in the colonia. Our classrooms have always been in borrowed locations that are constantly at risk of being removed. They are temporary, very poorly equipped, unsafe, and a poor learning environment. The multi-use building will provide LightShine with 5 classrooms and a great kitchen area!

Secondly, God has done miracles in the El Alfarero church. Originally planted nearly 9 years ago through LightShine, El Alfarero grown into multiple Tarahumara Colonias in Chihuahua City and is truly producing adults who are radical Christians that are naturally taking the love of Christ to their own people. El Alfarero in Colonia Tarahumara also shares the same borrowed facilities with LightShine, but has long since outgrown them. The multi-use building will provide the church with a moderately sized sanctuary and two dedicated Sunday School rooms!

Finally, the multi-use building will be the headquarters, the ‘war-room’, for the Tarahumara Maranatha alliance to see the entire Tarahumara Nation reached for Christ. This building is essential for the movement. At a minimum of once per year, we will bring those Christian leaders and Co-Laborers throughout the Sierra Madre mountain range to a conference that will include Pastor and leader training, worship, celebration, as well as networking and sharing what is happening within each ministry so that the Holy Spirit has opportunity to be making divine connections.

In the foyer of the new multi-use building there will be a special donor recognition wall. Building HOPE is your chance to participate in the Great Commission, and also to have your name, or an inspiring message for the Tarahumaras, memorialized on the donor recognition wall.

Please be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission amongst the Tarahumara Nation. Partner with us through Building HOPE – your opportunity to make an eternal impact in LightShine, El Alfarero, and Tarahumara Maranatha!

Milestones for Building:

8 upstairs classrooms at aprox. $5,500 each, totaling $44,000

Electrical for entire building totaling aprox. $10,000

Plumbing for entire building totaling aprox. $7,000

Windows for entire building totaling aprox.$14,000

Interior Doors for entire building totaling aprox. $10,000 

2nd floor steel roof totaling aprox. $45,000  

Interior Finishing for entire building totaling aprox. $50,000 

Outside stucco entire building totaling aprox. $6,000