“Your donations help provide for a healthy meal, comprehensive Bible curriculum developed by LightShine specifically for urban Tarahumara, in-depth discipleship, and much more. Without one-time and recurring donations, all of this is impossible. Each child has two sponsors who are members of churches that have adopted a Tarahumara colonia. But those sponsors only provide roughly 60% of the monthly costs to bring the LightShine program into a Tarahumara colonia. The remaining 40% of program costs must be raised through donations. More than 96 cents of every dollar donated goes to Mexico in-country expenses. Please consider donating generously!”



Your funds will be designated for our outreach to the Tarahumara in Chihuahua city. Our vision is for Tarahumara children to be Born Again to a Living Hope, intensively discipled during adolescence, and to grow into adults that are radical Christians who take the love of Christ to their own nation.



We’d love for your church to partner with LightShine! Your church can come behind a Tarahumara Colonia and help spread the good news. We have a safe Missions house to host teams that can participate directly with the Colonia LightShine children, families, and staff!

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We are on Social Media! Visit our Facebook or Instagram accounts to keep up to date with everything happening in LightShine! Communicate at with your questions or comments!

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