We are excited and honored to announce “Tarahumara Maranatha”, the alliance between LightShine and El Alfarero to reach the entire Tarahumara nation for Christ! The Vision of Tarahumara Maranatha is to:

Fulfill the Great Commission in the Tarahumara nation; Intentionally find and serve co-laborers, forging and equipping an alliance that strategically develops the disciple- making Body of Christ everywhere Tarahumaras are found.

We serve an amazing God who has produced incredible fruit amongst the Tarahumaras in Chihuahua City during the last 12 years! The Holy Spirit has laid the foundation, and we’re now formally engaging in the last step of the original and unchanged LightShine Vision statement: Our vision is for Tarahumara children to be Born Again to a Living Hope, intensively discipled during adolescence, and to grow into adults who are radical Christians that take the love of Christ to their own nation.

The united El Alfarero church, originally planted nearly 9 years ago through LightShine, has grown into multiple Tarahumara Colonias in Chihuahua City and is truly producing adults who are radical Christians that are naturally taking the love of Christ to their own people. Through Tarahumara Maranatha we’ll be sending out mission teams from El Alfarero and LightShine almost monthly, as we penetrate into all the corners of the Sierra Madre Mountains range, the native homeland of the Tarahumaras.

There are isolated pockets of Tarahumara Christians throughout the Sierras. Those pockets range from just a handful of Believers or Christian workers to hundreds. But to a large degree they are relatively isolated, oftentimes discouraged, largely unaware of each other’s efforts, and in no way intentional or strategic as a whole to see the Great Commission fulfilled amongst the Tarahumara nation.

We believe it’s possible to unite the majority of those co-laborers and Christians into a somewhat cohesive alliance who know, encourage, and equip one another. The alliance will understand the Tarahumara nation Great Commission needs and can be strategic to allocate existing leaders and resources as well as develop new leaders and resources to best fulfill those Great Commission needs.

Each year we will bring all of those Christian leaders to Chihuahua City – The conference will be a time of worship, celebration, and study. But just as importantly it will be a time of networking and sharing what is happening within each ministry so that the Holy Spirit has opportunity to make divine connections. In the alliance formed through those relationships we would work to discover unreached Tarahumara geographic pockets as well as areas of need within existing works, and work within the alliance to help meet those needs.

Through the Tarahumara Maranatha alliance, we desire to develop a disciple-making Body of Christ presence everywhere Tarahumaras are found, by the year 2030. This is a God-sized vision, but we believe God has called us to this work and that He will be faithful to fulfill it!