Blessed are the feet of thosewho bring Good News!

We’d love for your church to partner with LightShine! Your church can come behind a Tarahumara Colonia and help spread the good news. We have a safe Missions house to host teams that  participate directly with the Colonia LightShine children, families, and staff!

Coming down on a missions trip involves a great deal of logistics and planning. We at LightShine are experienced in working with missions teams, so we provide the help you need to be successful in your missions trip! Our experienced staff will be with you, helping you, and serving you all the way.

Each Missions Trip is different, the activities may vary from outreaches, to construction projects, to serving the Tarahumara Community, to just building relationships with the Tarahumara in the LightShine Community.

If you’re interested in opening up a conversation about Missions, please email