“Your Christmas gift will be used to bless the children and families in Tarahumara colonias.  With your generous donation, each child in LightShine will receive a Christmas present, and their family will receive a gift of essential food and household items.  Because of Covid-19, this year is unlike any previous year in LightShine.  There will not be a large group Christmas dinner, but we’re hoping each class can have a Christmas fiesta, depending on state guidelines during the week of December 14th.

Chihuahua has currently moved back into a Red condition with all non-essential activities prohibited.  Families will once again be battling not just covid-19, but also a lack of income.  In response, LightShine is transitioning again to medical  and meal house visits for each family, including medical monitoring, a healthy meal, prayer, and fellowship.  We will do everything in our power to assist those families that are in need physically, medically, or financially.  In addition to the Christmas gifts that the children and families receive, your donation will also be used to support these vital Covid-19 related costs during this very challenging time.  Thank you so much for blessing those that are in need this Christmas.