We’ve reached the goal! 

Thanks for be part of discipling the Tarahumara Nation for Christ! Thanks to your very generous donations, every dollar you donate is doubled up to $50,000 for a total of $100,000!

The goal of $50,000 (doubled to $100,000) is met, the Tarahumara Training and Discipleship Center can be completed, and Tarahumara mission teams will continue reaching their own nation!

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CHOSEN $16,780 / $10,000 Achieved!
CITIZEN $12,755/ $10,000 Achieved!
EPIC $21,902/ $10,000 Achieved!
GRACE $4,470 / $10,000
RMC  $10,105 / $10,000 Achieved
$55,782 Donated, Achieved goal of $50,000!. All donations are doubled for a total of $100,000!
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The GO! Ultramarathon needs to raise the final $50,000 to complete the building for the Tarahumara Training and Discipleship Center, the home of the Tarahumara Maranatha. This center will also serve as the church building for El Alfarero and the classrooms for Lightshine Colonia Tarahumara. Learn More

The GO! Ultramarathon is a 41-mile ultramarathon that starts in the town of Guachochi in the “Plaza of Hope”. It includes a one-mile descent into the Copper Canyon in the Sierra Madre Mountains, and a one-mile ascent out of the canyon after having already ran the entire day.  Read More